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You care about supporting brands who create amazing natural products. But you also want an affiliate program you believe in to support your $$ goals and give your followers the best beauty experience possible.

With Serene Life’s affiliate program, you’ve got it all: 50% off your first order. Eligibility to receive regular rounds of discounted products. Commission on clicks from your followers dating back as far as 30 days.

Give your followers a deal and collect 10% commission on fair-trade, non-toxic, made-in-the-USA products you can be proud to represent. You’ll have our full support, every step of the way.

If you’re as obsessed with ethical beauty and self-care as we are, you’re definitely in the right place!

Looking for a cruelty-free, handmade, eco-friendly beauty affiliate program with products you actually like?





We only collaborate with like-minded brands who show a proven passion for handmade, ethical, cruelty-free products. (And if you’re a self-care junkie just like us, we welcome you!) Get approved in as little as 5 days.

So how does this work, anyway?

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