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Cherry Blossom Vegan Soap

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Vegan soap featuring Organic Coconut Milk and Kaolin Clay.

This beauty has a lighter fragrance of soft floral and delicate fruit. With sweet notes of pomegranate, tart and juicy currant and pink cherry blossom, your bathing experience is pure indulgence! This vegan soap contains organic coconut milk and kaolin clay.


Oils of organic coconut, organic palm, organic olive, castor, organic coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, jojoba beads, mica, titanium dioxide


Handmade soaps vary is shape, color and designs. Soaps last longest when kept dry between uses. For optimal enjoyment, use soap within 1 year of purchase

Net weight: 5 oz 

Cherry Blossom Vegan Soap - The Serene Life
Cherry Blossom Vegan Soap - The Serene Life