Turmeric & Honey Facial Mask – The Serene Life

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Turmeric & Honey Facial Mask - The Serene Life
Turmeric & Honey Facial Mask - The Serene Life

Turmeric & Honey Facial Mask

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Tone, clarify and hydrate your skin with this age defying blend of all natural clay, raw honey and turmeric. Turmeric is thought to be a great aid in treating acne due to it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to fade acne scars, reduce oil secretions, and give a beautiful glow to your skin. Raw honey is naturally antibacterial so thought to be another great aid in fighting acne. It’s full of antioxidants. Bentonite clay is thought to draw toxins from skin, firm and help shrink pores.


Bentonite Clay, Turmeric Powder, Raw Honey Powder


Open pouch and empty dry ingredients into a small bowl. Add 3 Tablespoons of water. Mix together with non metal spoon to make a paste. Spread mask on face avoiding eye area. Sit back and relax until mask dries and hardens. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. Follow with our face lotion, if desired.

TIP: Mix with apple cider vinegar for best results. You can also use yogurt or milk instead of water if you have very dry skin.


Your face may feel warm and/or you may see red blotches after using this mask. This is normal and happens when the bentonite clay draws all the impurities from your skin and increases blood flow. Turmeric may stain fingers, but should not stain face. It will rinse off after a few washes with soap and water.

Net weight: 1oz- You can make 2-3 masks with this package.

100% natural | Cruelty Free