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Unicorn Dust Bath Salt

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“Unicorn Dust” is a blend of Dead Sea Salts, beet root powder, lavender essential oil, and candy sprinkles. That’s it!

If you haven’t used Dead Sea Salts before, you’re missing out on some amazing skin benefits! Studies show that Dead Sea Salts are an effective natural treatment for psoriasis and eczema. They can also ease muscle pain and stiffness as well as relieve stress before bedtime, and the best part is they’re kid friendly! 

*This product is NOT suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to sulfur*

Tiny wooden spoon INCLUDED.


Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Beet Root Powder, Candy Sprinkles, Lavender essential oil.

* indicates an organic ingredient

 net weight: 4 oz